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Are you looking for a little fishing game you can play in the office, or on your low-powered laptop? This roundup will introduce a handful of browser-based fishing games available to play right now! Let’s get into it.

Fishing GirlFishing Girl

Serving as the inspiration for Cat Goes Fishing (if you’ve played both you’ll recognise the basic mechanics and even some of the fish), Fishing Girl has been around since 2008. Developed by Luna Drift, it’s a tranquil foray into fishing. Casting is a simple matter of holding the mouse button and releasing it, then holding the mouse button again when you want to reel your hook in.

It’s not a serious take on fishing, as it’s cartoony, 2D art style is a clear indication of that. Players can collect new lures and switch between them between casts to attract the larger fish, and better rods and bait can be acquired by hitting floating buoys when casting.

There are two levels - a beginner’s level, which is an entirely relaxed and laid-back affair - and a more challenging expert level where larger fish become more of an annoyance.

There’s a twist at the end - the game is actually a rescue story, despite its setting - that will surprise and make it worth a second play through.

Radical FishingRadical Fishing

From Dutch developers Vlambeer, Radical Fishing certainly lives up to its title. The main character, Billy, has to make a living from fishing out at sea, armed with only a pistol, a pole and an unbreakable fishing line. Each round of play is begun by casting out the line and attempting to snag the sea’s inhabitants as it’s automatically reeled in.

Sounds normal so far, right? When they’re hauled out of the water, they’ll hang in midair, where - wait for it - Billy will have the opportunity to shoot them, transforming them into chunks of fish that can be sold at the markets back ashore!

Money that’s earned through decimating fish can be spent on upgrades - better rods, better guns and some real off the wall stuff like electric toasters and aqua-chainsaws. This is definitely a game for those looking for a very humorous and silly take on fishing who like to be surprised by unusual mechanics and off-the-wall ideas.

Let’s FishLets Fish

Moving away from some of the more casual and humorous takes on fishing, we come to Let’s Fish. This is a social network game by Polish developers Ten Square Games that really took off, garnering over a million likes on Facebook.

Much more a simulation than the other games in this article, Let’s Fish allows the player to experience 40 fisheries in six continents, all of which are divided into one of three types of fishing - spinning, sea and float. There are over 400 species of fish for players to catch.

Players can earn extra experience and coins by completing daily tasks, or by taking part and doing well in tournaments, championships and duels against with other players. Rewards can be spent on upgrading equipment and rods, and there’s also a bonus system that makes smaller bait work on larger fish temporarily.

For some real recognition, players can take part in the Top 100 special events, vying to be become one of the best Let’s Fishers in the world.

Wrapping Up

That’s the end of our little roundup of browser-based fishing games. What do you think of the games included? Do you know of any other gems that are worthy of a mention?

Let’s FishFishing Girl 2

Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll get a follow-up to Fishing Girl, which was a surprisingly fun, if short browser game by Luna Drift. Sometimes it's fun to engage in a little wishful thinking, and this is what I'm going to do here; discuss how Fishing Girl 2 could have improved on the original.

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