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Fishing Girl 2

We Discuss the Unlikely Followup to Fishing Girl and What We Would Like to See Anyway

Fishing Girl, by Luna Drift, was a clever browser game that combined two unlikely scenarios - fishing and rescue - to deliver a short but pleasing experience. Given that the developer released their rights to the assets, it doesn’t look like there will be a sequel. The closest we’ll get is Cat Goes Fishing, which can be bought on Steam, but sadly is not true to anything but the art style. Here I look at what Fishing Girl 2 could have been.

A Larger Stage and a Longer Story

Fishing Girl is an old game. It’s been around since at least 2008. Like many flash games developed at the time, it’s really quite small in scale. There’s one bank, one pond and a few upgrades.

I think that, given how well received Fishing Girl was, there would be an audience for a game that took on a larger scope. In some way, Fishing Girl brought back memories of Alex the Kidd on the old Master System, if only briefly, and I don’t see why a similar kind of story wouldn’t work - have the player progress through multiple areas, all unique in their appearance with slightly different objectives - working toward completing a larger story arc.

Going along with this, upgrades could have been padded out and made more numerous - different types of rods, different special lures (as we saw with the bird in Fishing Girl) and other stage-specific items required to complete the area and move on. If each stage had two possible routes to completion, as in the original game that would be even better.

Keep the Aesthetic

There’s something unique about the aesthetic of Fishing Girl. It’s equal parts cute and ominous, mostly due to the environment that the game is set in. A dark, mysterious setting with two adorable characters fishing for equally lovable species of fish.

Under no circumstances would I have liked to see this aesthetic changed for a sequel. Quite the contrary, I would have liked to see it evolve and expanded upon. It’s one of the reasons why I was so sad about the direction that Cat Goes Fishing went with - most of the character of Fishing Girl was lost.

A Fully-Fledged Release

I feel that Fishing Girl is a proof of concept game. I also feel that, as a concept, it worked.

I would have loved to have seen a sequel that had a full retail release - even if it had to go through Greenlight or Early Access. Something that would have allowed Luna Drift to explore the world that they created and their imagination for what lay outside of the small slice that we got to see and interact with.

This would have allowed what is clearly a clever mind for development to work on introducing personality to the characters that we got a glimpse of, while also allowing them to showcase more of the creativity that brought us some funny and memorable creature designs

An Arch Enemy

We had enemies in Fishing Girl - the sharks that ruled the bottom of the pond. They didn’t feel like a Goldfinger, however - they didn’t even feel like an Oddjob - they were more the nameless minions that are swiftly dispatched by Sir Roger Moore’s questionable hand-to-hand technique.

A sequel could have introduced an arch villain into the mythos. They could have been as despicable and dangerous as Le Chiffre, or they could have been a harmless klutz like Dr. Evil. That’s what intrigued me about Luna Drift’s work - they were able to surprise me with Fishing Girl, and I’m sure they would have been able to do so again in a sequel.

Final Thoughts

It’s sad that the only legacy it looks like Fishing Girl will get is Cat Goes Fishing - a game that took the assets but didn’t take any of the character. Fishing Girl was a very short game that left an impression on me, and absolutely left me wanting more of the same. What would you have liked to see in Fishing Girl 2?

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