Radical Fishing Game

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Have you been on the lookout for a game that combines the art of angling with bloody target practice? I may have just the thing for you! Radical Fishing, a small browser game developed by Vlambeer is fishing with a violent and nonsensical twist.

Am I a Fisherman or a Psychopath?

It all starts off innocently enough. I'm sat in the middle of the sea in a small wooden boat with my fishing rod. I cast into the water and avoid fish as my hook sinks, waiting for the line to be fully extended. At this point, my reel goes off automatically and starts to bring the line back in - now I have to catch as many fish as possible on my apparently magic hook before it comes out of the water. Success! I seem to have caught a good dozen fish on a single hook! Without bait!

But what am I doing? For some reason, I've flung them into the air… and now I'm shooting them? I'm blasting them into smithereens before they land back in the water! Somehow I'm earning money from this, despite obliterating my catch. This is the world of Radical Fishing.

A Simple Idea

Each attempt will consist of the same three parts described above. Successfully vaporising the fish gives money, which can be spent on upgrades between rounds - the upgrades are similarly humorous at times - there's a chain saw that allows you to shred fish on the way down so they don't prematurely set the reel off, as well as more mundane utilities like longer lines and a booster that allows you to speed up the hook's descent. There's a shotgun too - great for shredding multiple fish per shot.

Radical Fishing is developed by Vlambeers.

Radical Fishing is clearly one of those games that came about when quick time-wasters were all the rage. Some minor progression with simple gameplay that can be repeated a few times without becoming immediately boring. It's going to take an hour at most to unlock all of the upgrades.

There are a decent variety of fish species - species are not authentic, by the way, instead they've taken the humorous approach here as well, which suits the game well - all of which are catalogued in the handy ‘Fishopedia', which also details how many specimens of each species has been caught.

The only long form of progression can be found in the Fishopedia - it has an empty entry, represented by silhouettes, of the poor sea-dwellers yet to be caught. There are some really scary looking monsters in there!

Vlambeer did make some attempt to add a bit of complexity to the game, for instance, some species will actually cost money when caught, and some fish will react differently to the hook; either swimming away from it or hunting it down. This is something that they didn't really have to do on this platform, so it speaks well to their determination to make an enjoyable game.

Old Hat

Radical Fishing is not a new game. It was launched way back in 2011, and it does show. The game takes place in a tiny window. The art style is 8-bit, as are the sound effects. Not inherently bad by itself, but given the glut of games of this style that flooded the world in the following couple of years, it might be something that instantly turns people away. It is a very basic game when compared to some of the more complex designs that have been achieved in more modern Web games, such as Let's Fish.

This is not a game that really evolves as progress is made, either. It feels much the same playing with most of the unlocks as it did with none.

There are bones to pick with the shooting mechanic, which is clearly meant to be the standout part of the game - it's too easy. The hitboxes for the fish are exceedingly generous and it only really becomes frenetic if a lot of fish are caught and the upgrade that allows them to be flung even higher into the air isn't used.

Wrapping Up

Radical Fishing is an amusing little time-killer. Unless you're a full-fledged member of PETA, that is. There's more than enough content and humour here to provide enjoyable little bursts of gameplay. It is very dated by today's Web game standards, but the mechanics are strong enough to make up for it. Although, if you didn't enjoy the first three rounds, you're not going to enjoy the 20th attempt, either. If you're looking for a way to blow off some steam while blowing away a few fish, it's worth a look.