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Carp Fishing Simulator

Carp Fishing Simulator: View 5

Carp Fishing Simulator, developed by Dangerous Derk Interactive, is one of those rare, true simulation takes on fishing as a video game. Still in Early Access, the current version is pretty rough, and has some severe issues to address.

Rating: 4.2/5

Release Date: 28/04/2015

Available for: Windows, PC Download

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Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing: View 5

Start out on an island with a basic rod. Progress into a radar-wielding master fisher-cat scouring the sea for the biggest and baddest fish.

Rating: 4.2/5

Release Date: 19/01/2015

Available for: Windows, PC Download

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Dovetail Games Fishing

Dovetail Games Fishing: View 5

Dovetail Games Fishing is a fishing simulation game making its way through Early Access. Created by an experienced studio, it’s in the hands of experienced simulation developers. While there’s still lots of work to be done, this looks to be the best example of a fishing simulator currently in development.

Rating: 4.0/5

Release Date: 04/11/2014

Available for: Windows, PC Download

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Sega Bass Fishing

Sega Bass Fishing: View 5

There are few games that can boast having an active and loyal player base since 1997 - SEGA Bass Fishing is one of those. It’s a cult classic that still manages to attract new players. Today I’ll be taking a look at the Steam version, and seeing just what makes it such an enduring title. Is it benefiting from nostalgia, or does it still have the gameplay chops to compete with the younger competition?

Rating: 4.3/5

Release Date: 01/12/1997

Available for: Windows, PC Download

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Cast Your Rod Out, Kick Back and Relax with these Excellent Fishing Games on Windows

Looking for a fishing game for your PC? You’ve come to the right place! Here are four such games that will give you a carp of a time! Ranging from casual to in-depth simulation, there’s sure to be a game here that appeals to your angling desires.

Carp Fishing SimulatorCarp Fishing Simulator: View 5

Early Access is proving to be an environment that’s fostering a resurgence in the long-stagnant fishing simulation genre. Our first entry, Carp Fishing Simulator by Dangerous Derk Interactive, is currently available in pre-release form for €12.99.

Drawing its inspiration from cult classic Sega Bass Fishing and unlike other games in this genre, Carp Fishing Simulator limits itself to a particular range of fish - see the title for a hint - and only offers a single environment, albeit with the ability to choose from over 20 different casting pegs.

There are three different rod types to choose from, spod, marker and baitboat and the ability to share and use bait mixtures and settings from other players. Adding to the simulation experience, weather effects change by day and by season as well, and promise that the fish AI will be suitably complex and true-to-life.

The game is not yet feature-complete, with major features still to be added, including full character customisation.

Dovetail Games FishingDovetail Games Fishing: View 5

This is another title that’s looking to make its way through development via Early Access. Compared to Carp Fishing Simulator, it’s a little more pricy at €19.99 in its current state - expect this price to increase as its development continues.

The aim of Dovetail Games Fishing is to focus on the entire fishing experience, placing importance on selecting the right equipment and surveying the area that you’ll be fishing in before getting started. Players will need to be careful to pick equipment that is suitable for their objective and chosen quarry.

Currently, the game focuses on carp fishing, however Dovetail Games have said that the final version will include many more different types of fish and fishing methods, including fly-fishing and bass fishing.

Muliplayer modes are present already, as are detailed tutorials so that even the beginner can get to grips with this realistic fishing experience. Dovetail Games Fishing is also one of the pioneers of Unreal Engine 4, giving it a graphical advantage over other games in this roundup.

Sega Bass FishingSega Bass Fishing: View 5

Perhaps the most famous fishing game ever released for PC, Sega Bass Fishing (or Get Bass, depending on where you are in the world) is a classic arcade take on Bass fishing. First released in 1997, Sega Bass Fishing is still available to purchase on Steam for €7.99.

Less of a ‘do what you want’ fishing experience, Sega Bass Fishing’s gameplay revolves around completing stages by catching a set weight of fish within a time limit before being allowed to progress.

Players will work through eight different locations, utilising up to 14 different lures through four different tournaments. Players will progress from the rank of amateur to seasoned professional, with the ultimate goal being victorious in the Masters Classic tournament. A pioneer of the genre, Sega Bass Fishing was one of the first games to make use of a weather system that actually changed how fish behave.

It’s not as pretty as the previous two games, but it’s a tried and tested classic that appealed even to those that had never touched a rod in their life.

Cat Goes FishingCat Goes Fishing

Based on an old flash game, Fishing Girl, Cat Goes Fishing is a full release on Steam, currently available for €6.99 from Cat5Games. Cat Goes Fishing takes  a much more light hearted and casual approach to fishing.

It’s also a very simple game - players will work through quests and catch hundreds of fish in order to gain money and buy new equipment, such as rods, boats and upgrades.

Don’t go into this game looking for an engrossing experience - the fish behave in a very simplistic manner and they’re all imaginary species, too. A repetitive game that has a very grindy feel, this is not a game that will likely appeal to fans of the more realistic simulators with it’s mobile-like 2D graphics and basic sound assets. There’s no advanced weather system and all fishing is done in the same vastly overpopulated body of water.

Sega Bass Fishing 2Sega Bass Fishing 2

There hasn’t been a follow-up to SEGA Bass Fishing for a long time, and the original is really the only one that can be played on modern systems. Given the game’s continued success, there must surely be a market for a sequel! Here’s my wish list for the next SEGA Bass Fishing.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking for an open-ended experience, a more structured challenge or a casual and light-hearted PC fishing experience, the games included here have got you covered. If current trends are anything to go by, the fishing genre might just be in for a minor boom period on PC - especially in the simulation market. No longer will people think you strange if you’re sitting in front of your PC in full fishing regalia - honest!

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