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The fishing simulator genre is not one that's oversaturated, by any means. In fact, finding games that give you a fishing fix can be pretty hard. Here are some of the games you can find across a variety of platforms.

Carp Fishing SimulatorCarp Fishing Simulator: View 5

The first game in our roundup is Carp Fishing Simulator. Currently in Early Access on Steam (also available on Android and iOS) for €12.99 - price subject to change - this game by Dangerous Derk Interactive draws inspiration from the classic Sega Bass Fishing.

Offering fishers the chance to cast from a choice of 25 pegs around the same large body of water, Carp Fishing Simulator allows you to fish for a range of carp and other common freshwater fish, including pike and perch.

Players can choose from three different types of rod, create bait mixtures and share them with other players', or download existing ones that have been uploaded.

Dangerous Derk Interactive boast of the game's daily and seasonal weather effects, and also promise that the player character will be fully customisable when the game reaches full release. They also speak proudly of the ‘complex' fish AI that aims to ensure they act as realistically as possible, rather than automatons with set behaviour patterns and movement paths.

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Let's FishLet's Fish

This social network game by Ten Square Games has been around since 2012 and has developed quite a following.

There are over 40 fisheries spread over 6 continents for players to get their teeth into, separated by fishing technique - catering to those who are looking for a spinning, sea or float fishing. There are over 400 species of fish in the game.

There's a store feature that allows players to upgrade their rods and equipment, as well as a bonus system that provides perks, such as being able to catch larger fish with bait that would normally be too small.

There's a daily tasks implementation, which give the player virtual currency and experience when completed, as well as a robust achievements system.

Let's Fish also allows players to take part in duels, tournaments and championships against other players of the same rank. There are also special events that take place on occasion for those who are currently ranked in the top 100.

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Dovetail Games FishingDovetail Games Fishing: View 5

Another Early Access title for those who use Steam, Dovetail Games Fishing is currently available for €19.99, although that price will change as the game becomes more complete.

Looking to be a thorough fishing simulation experience, players will have to get involved with every part of fishing, starting right at selecting the right equipment to match the environment and objective. Next, the player will survey their chosen location before to make sure that they're set up correctly before casting.

At the moment, Dovetail Games Fishing is focused on catching carp, however they will add other types of fishing, including fly-fishing and bass fishing as the game gets closer to completion.

Dovetails Game includes multiplayer, detailed tutorials and multiple different locations in which to fish, and looks to reward players for their skill.

Graphically strong, Dovetail Games Fishing makes use of the latest Unreal Engine 4, making it one of the more striking games in the genre.

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Sega Bass FishingSega Bass Fishing: View 5

Also known as Get Bass, depending on your region, this classic of the fishing simulation genre was released by Sega way back in 1997. It's an arcade-style game that's been ported to a ton of platforms, including PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii.

There's a bit more of a focused objective with Sega Bass Fishing - the player has to catch a certain weight of fish before the time runs out before moving onto the next stage - with the final stage allowing for only a single fish to count toward the goal.

There are eight different locations to fish in, 14 different lures and four separate tournaments. Players work from the rank of amateur all the way up to professional, eventually competing in the Masters Classic tournament. To enrich the experience, there are realistic weather and water conditions which affect fish behaviour.

Despite its age, Sega Bass Fishing is available as a digital download on Steam for €7.99.

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Wrapping Up

That's it for our selection of fishing simulation games. It's encouraging that the genre appears to be making a small resurgence thanks to Steam Early Access - so if you're looking for this type of game, you're not limited to games that have been around for a decade or more. With these games, perhaps you don't have to be eaten alive by mosquitoes to get your fishing fix!

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